domenica 30 dicembre 2012

Ti amo, perché...

I love you, because......
"I love you, Sauro, only you can switch off the fire of my passion."

giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

Ti amo, perché....

" I love you Sergio, because you are the most
sincere and trasparent human i know."

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Ti amo, perché......

I love you, because....
"I love you, Jessica, more than yesterday but less than tomorrow."
" So, come back tomorrow Giorgio."

" I love you Jessica,

giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

Hallo White, how are you ?

Hallo White, how are you?
Fine thanks, and you Black? 
Dm 120.

mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012

Ti amo, perché...

I love you , because.....,
"I love you Agnese, you are the most beatiful movie
i have ever seen."
" I believe you, it's half an hour that you look at me
eating pop corn."

domenica 16 dicembre 2012

Ti amo.perché.......

I love you, because......
"I love you Grazziella, with you my life as a sense."
"One way only, twice or no way?"

venerdì 14 dicembre 2012

Ti amo, perché........,.,

I love, because......
" I love you Maria,your prespice light me up huge."
"Wait to be happy Sergio, because in 3 days light's count will come !"

giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Ti amo, perchè......

"I love you, because.....
"I, i love. love, you,you, Chiara, Chiara, because,because, you,you, are,are wonderful,wonderful, and,and you,,yes or you do, do love,love me,me."
"It's enough one do you want two yes?"

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012

Ti amo, perchè.......

"I love you, Elisabetta, do you want to be my alf?"
"What?!, Are you cheating me, Michele?"

domenica 2 dicembre 2012


Scarab-occhi 2
acrilico su tela  50x50
"Scribbles 2 "
Acrilic on fabric

Ti amo, perchè.....

I love you, because......
" I love you Superman, because you are superstrong, because you are super pips
and superhear, and i hope you are super provided too."
" Well , there i'am quite normal."
" Nobody is perfect!"